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Plume: capital providers not ensuring the capital they provide is accretive, not starting with that as a key starting point.

Suggestion: dare I say...better, more intelligent regulation?

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Plume: Limited pathways for companies requiring risk capital

My suggested fix: Broader spectrum of risk capital products, partners, and narratives

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Plume: Capital allocators over-indexing on novelty without regard for strategic alignment with local/regional/national/global goals.

Suggestion: Sail with the wind. Investment theses should include positive weighting for ease of governmental collaboration with existing initiatives and stated support as a de-risking element - especially with the current geopolitical landscape dynamics.

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Plume: Global capital flows seek certainty in an unknowable future so vast majority of capital is committed to passive OTC derivative markets; this social process constructs a spread of ‘knowable’ futures priced on the risk-free rate of return of similar duration UST. This social desire to manufacture certainty through the logics of the derivative markets removes potentially transformative productive capital allocation to unproductive use, thereby limiting all of humanity.

Suggestion: Disincentivize the allocation of capital to unproductive uses while derisking productive uses of capital allocation through other social processes and methods.

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